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(3-6 Years)

 “Help Them to Help Themselves”
Eden has a whole child approach to education grounded in a curriculum of peace and respect.  Our curriculum subsequently goes beyond reading, writing, math and science; we prepare children for life, placing equal emphasis on each child’s social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive growth. For students of 3 to 6 years old, we strive to build fundamental skills and help develop a love of learning, growing their abilities and experiences while supporting them to learn to live fully and responsibly.

Each child is given the full ability to learn independently and is able to thrive with a teacher (Guide) who can help them get past any questions or misunderstandings. Through discovering in this self-learning environment, children learn at a deeper level than in any teacher-driven curriculum. The Montessori curriculum is broken down into five basic areas, as described below:

Practical Life
Have you ever had your child resist your help and say “I can do it!”? Independence is shaped at this age, and Practical Life is one area that directly supports it.  Self-care activities such as dressing and grooming, and everyday familiar home tasks such as setting the table, pouring, transferring, washing, and polishing (to name a few) are very important at this age for building self-esteem, concentration, co-ordination and attention to detail.  These tasks and activities in turn help develop inner discipline, organisation, and independence, as well as left to right correspondence, which sets children on the path to success both in and out of the classroom.
Young children in our program learn through their senses. Refining their ability to discriminate through the use of their senses enhances their learning in every subject area. Sensory learning develops all seven of a child’s naturally occurring senses: tactile (touch), visual (sight), auditory (hearing), gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell), vestibular (balance/movement), and proprioceptive (body awareness in space). We do this through set recognition, repetition, and exactness in perception and sequencing. Organization, classification, comparison, and contrasts are all included with specific materials to assist with the sensory impressions of colour, size, texture, smell, sound, shape, weight, and form, to name a few.
Language Arts
Our program will enable your children to explore verbal expression, build their vocabulary, and grow their comprehension of language. Pre-readers will increase their sensitivity and ability to visually discriminate fine differences of letters, and pre-writers will build their hand muscles and develop a pincer grip. They will learn the phonetic sounds, which leads to composing and reading short words, and eventually longer words and sentences. A child at the writing level would practice tracing letters and penmanship, and would continue reading studies to increase vocabulary and thinking skills.
We use Montessori’s famous hands-on physical math materials that help make abstract concepts clear. Students can literally see and explore what is going on in math. Our approach offers a clear and logical strategy for helping students understand and develop a solid foundation in math and geometry. First we present numerical quantity, then numeration, and finally association of quantity and symbol.
Cultural subjects
Cultural subjects cover a wide area:

  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical education

Lower Elementary

(6-9 Years)

“Allowing Children to Take Responsibility.”
Elementary children have now reached an age where they can begin to rationalise and think critically. They typically have a great thirst for knowledge and can begin to think abstractly, as well as having remarkable powers of imagination. The underlying philosophy of the Montessori elementary program, known as Cosmic Education, is designed to help students search for their place in the universe, and to recognize their relationship to other living things.

The Elementary curriculum is an integrated thematic approach that ties the separate disciplines of the curriculum together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience. Our integrated curriculum spans a vast array of subjects including ecology, chemistry, anatomy, art, music, physical education, reading, grammar, drama, history, mathematics, language, literature, geography, and others.

With more than a century of success, the Montessori program gives children the skills to move beyond memorization and recitation of facts into critical thinking. Students feel empowered and engaged by the process of learning as they work both on their own and with peers under the guidance of their teacher. 


Aftercare and

Extracurricular Activities

At Eden we enrich our children’s learning experience, broaden their horizons, equip them with skills and simply have fun together. We offer a number of activities both during school time and as aftercare and extracurricular activities, including  music and dance, gymnastics, horse riding and much more! Please check back here as we often add new offerings.

Extracurricular activities are open to Eden students or who enrol for the specific activity. Some are onsite and others are offsite. Please contact the office for current prices and arrangements. These activities will have an additional cost as we will be working with other teachers and organizations to provide them.

As part of our school curriculum and during aftercare time we offer many activities including the following:



We offer weekly swimming classes at a nearby indoor swimming pool for different swimming abilities.

Cooking Classes

Our children enjoy cooking classes in the different age groups during class time.

Arts and Crafts

Our arts and crafts classes expose children to different materials, and enable them to explore and create while they achieve structured goals. 

Forest School

During Forest School our children experience creating art from nature, while connecting to nature and learning about the environment.

Gymnastics and Ballet

Our ballet and gymnastics class with an experienced instructor have been a huge success, and will continue and as an additional after-school activity.

Music Class

For both the younger and older groups, we offer music classes with an experienced instructor during class time. Our children learn different rhythms, dance moves, musical instruments, and just get creative.


Piano is offered as an extracurricular activity with our music teacher 2 days a week. 

Horse Riding

We team up with a local riding stable to offer horse riding as an extracurricular activity to children once a week, definitely one of our highlights!

Support Us

We are the only authentic Montessori school in the Algarve and as of last year have been completely full with a long waiting list. Our current building only has 2 classrooms and we are in desperate need of a new building in which to expand so that we can offer Montessori education to more children, as well as to offer middle school and high school education levels.

To do this, we need your help and have created a new building fund managed through our partner charitable association to support our goal of creating a wonderful new and larger facility to provide the best education to our students.

Please support us. In exchange we can offer you acknowledgement on our website and other social media, discounts on tuition if you would like to enrol your child with us, and naming rights on certain facilities in the new school.

For more information about this, please email us.


Thank you for your interest in Eden for your child(ren). Please view the following documents for more information. If you would like schedule a visit, please fill in the application form first and send it to us, and we will contact you about a visit. 

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