More than a  century ago, Dr. Montessori set out to observe a  group of children in a  psychiatric hospital as  part of her medical training; without knowing it she was taking the first steps of a  journey that would change not only modern education but our whole notion of human childhood.

It was not by chance or any flight of fancy that Dr. Montessori titled the summary of her early work “Discovery of the Child” because through observing children carefully, systematically and without judgement, she arrived, with surprise and delight, to an unprecedented understanding on who the young human being is and can be.

Observation is the fundamental tool that we use in Montessori to understand what is going on with the little human being in front of us. We start recognizing ourselves in the children, and we are looking to help the children be healthy, and to be strong to survive. Our preconceptions, prejudgments and expectations are obstacles within ourselves that we need to constantly transform. This is the spiritual preparation of the adult that Maria Montessori speaks of.

Through observation the concept of ”following the child” is realised. Through observation we can really understand what a child’s strengths and capabilities are; we can recognise their needs and sensitive periods, and we can see if they have mastered a skill or concept, helping us with our lesson planning and classroom management.

Within the Children’s House class observation is key to planning what presentations a child needs in order to fulfil their developmental needs at that time. This skill is developed with a trained eye and experience.

Sometimes when we observe it feels as if we aren’t ‘working’. But in fact, observation is the foundation of Montessori work. Embracing this concept is a big step towards committing the time every day, throughout the day, to observe and discover – without prejudice – what children constantly reveal through their own activity. Only on the basis of those revelations can we plan effective responses and adjust the environment accordingly for them.

In the Elementary classroom observation is not merely a technique; it is a way of life. When a practicing teacher recently joined us, we witnessed firsthand how keen observation enhances teaching. By fine-tuning presentations, our teacher engaged students at their unique levels while keeping them intellectually stimulated. But it doesn’t end there! Our students, too, employ their observation skills to understand others and devise innovative strategies to achieve their goals. Whether it’s deciphering a math problem or navigating social dynamics, their astute observations guide them toward success.

Our materials are more than just educational tools; they’re gateways to discovery. The intricate patterns and interconnectedness within the materials promotes not only pattern recognition but also a deeper understanding of the world. And speaking of tools, our students’ journals play a pivotal role. These journals serve as mirrors, reflecting their time management, abilities, and personal growth. Encouraging self-reflection, they continually set challenges—preparing our students for life beyond the classroom.




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